The Blog Where I Sell Myself Out

Hello, friends! I’d just like you all to know that the very last mama on my doula-list had her fabulous little baby boy very early Friday morning! I’m simply over-the-moon for her- he’s all sorts of wonderful, and attending her birth was an amazing privilege for me!

But….I have no more such amazing privileges penciled onto my calendar for now. If you, or someone you know (in the Greater Cleveland-ish area), are interested in helping a very fresh and very eager doula gain more doula-ing experience, feel free to shoot me an email (, comment me here, write me on Facebook, go the message-in-a-bottle route, or send me a carrier pigeon with a cute little note tied around his neck. Chances are, I’d love love love to work with you (or her).  We can grab a cup of coffee, toss around ideas, and see where it takes us!

Thank you….and Love,


2 thoughts on “The Blog Where I Sell Myself Out

  1. Em! I’m so happy you’ve found something that your are so passionate about. I’m so excited for you. Too bad there no #2 yet and we’re about an hour away :( May God bless your future experiences!

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