Thankfully, Thursday, Whatever.

It’s 10:28pm on Wednesday, and we’re just going to round-up to Thursday so that I can focus on fun things in the morning, instead of blogs and things that’ll get me sucked into the internet and undoubtedly ruin my pre-weekend.

321. I’m thankful for a sound mind and a sound body. There are moments, of course, when I feel like both of those things are a big, fat joke…but mostly, they sustain me pretty well.

322. I’m thankful for the ability to read, and to learn, and to process ideas…and to form educated decisions based on the information that I’ve obtained. This, right here, is what separates us from the animals. This, and fire.

323. I’m thankful for our weekly Mother’s Group…which I missed so, so much during the weeks that we couldn’t make it. I really, really needed it this week.

324. I’m thankful that I know who my friends are, and that they love me in spite of our many differences. What a wonderful, glorious thing! I am so beyond blessed.

325. I’m thankful for the ability to let toxic things go. It may take me a while, and I may sicken myself a bit in the process…but inevitably, I drop them. It’s all a learning experience, right?

326. I’m thankful for open minds and open hearts. One always leads to the other, and vice versa.

327. I’m thankful for my husband, encouraging me to step back and take breaks as needed…even when I don’t realize that need immediately. He’s pretty darn useful.

328. I’m thankful for the season of patience that God is undoubtably dragging me through…or cultivating me in.

329. I’m thankful for cool breezes through open windows.

330. I’m thankful for potty learning….and three full days of at-home, no-misses, no-pull-ups. This isn’t a big deal to most of you…but my little boy is so proud of himself for accomplishing this, and THAT is a BIG deal to me.



2 thoughts on “Thankfully, Thursday, Whatever.

  1. Hooray!! All good things…
    Especially intrigued by 325…gradually getting cleaner around here…what are you giving up these days?? Aaaaah…intuitive and attentive husbands are truly a prize…stepping in, calling us to care for ourselves!! Yay!!!

    • Well, that one in particular was in referene to toxic relationships. But I did just start using 7th Generation’s Chlorine Free Bleach and I’m in love….so maybe that counts, too! ;)

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